Memory Work Rewards (SS)

Warrenton Schoolhouse offers an optional Memory Work Reward program called Super Scholar.  Super Scholar is an incentive for our grammar and middle school students to be recognized and rewarded for learning the memory work.  The students are introduced to the memory work each week by their tutor in the classroom. All scholars are encouraged to study with their families to prepare for competition. The eight subject areas are:

1. Religion / Saint 2. Math 3. Science 4.  Latin 5. Language Arts 6. Geography 7. History Sentence 8. History Timeline


Quarterly achievements:  (AWARD CHARTS)  Parents can use this Super Scholar Grammar Student Award Chart Quarter 4 towards (optional) quarterly achievements.  Middle School also participates, with this Super Scholar Middle School Award Chart Quarter 4  .  This should be monitored by the parent, and turned in at the end of the quarter for prizes.  Students can earn prizes at Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, depending on the number of subjects they have committed to memory.

Yearly Achievements:  Quarterly Award charts are added up throughout the year, and the Top 5 students per age group are eligible to awarded trophies, medals, and certificates for 1st through 5th Place.  If your student is hoping for a 1st Place Trophy, most times in grades 4th-6th, and Middle School, a perfect score for each quarter is often required  Yearly Achievements are awarded at our End of Year Party and Awards Ceremony.


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