National Homeschool Honor Society

    National Homeschool Honor Society

“The purpose of the Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among home school students. To achieve this purpose, Eta Sigma Alpha shall provide opportunities for the development of leadership and service. Eta Sigma Alpha shall encourage the development of an intellectual climate that will stimulate the exchange of ideas and ideals, foster scholarship, and promote academic excellence. “

**Applications are now being accepted.  Click here for an application!** 

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the Saints Benedict & Scholastica Mu Sigma chapter of the National Homeschool Honor Society (NHHS), chartered in 2020.  This chapter is open to homeschool students in grades 9-12 who meet all of the academic requirements as set forth by the National Chapter, Eta Sigma Alpha, regardless of participation in Warrenton Schoolhouse.  Interested students and their parents should read the requirements and submit an application at their earliest convenience.  We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis, meaning, eligible students can apply at any time of the year as we have periodic induction ceremonies.  Chapter members participate in monthly meetings and choose individual and/or group opportunities for serving in their community.  Here is the website for the National Homeschool Honor Society:

Here is a review of the other requirements:

  • A candidate must have taken one of the nationally recognized, age appropriate tests and scored at least: 1200 (SAT), 26 (ACT), 88 (CLT), or 1200 (SAT 8/9, 10, and PSAT); 90% on the composite battery on the IOWA or Stanford achievement tests; 90% on Terra Nova 2 (CAT6) 2ndEd.  
  • The test scores can be no older than a year at the time of application and only need to submit them once upon initial admission. 
  • Seniors must have begun the application process by October of their senior year to be accepted.
  • You may also submit your application with “Test Results pending” status.
  • There will be an annual renewal of membership, but only grades and service hours will be checked for renewal.  
  • Applicant should submit a short statement about why he/she would like to be a member.
  • Applicant must submit a letter of recommendation from an adult who can attest to the applicant’s academic performance and/or strength of character.
  • Applicant must submit a list of 3 additional names and addresses of individuals who would be willing to provide a recommendation.
  • Applicant should complete and submit the attached application form.

If accepted, the time commitment for this group would be a 1 hour meeting once a month and, at this time, participation in a minimum of 1 individual or group service project. 

Finally, this chapter is open to ALL area Catholic homeschoolers, so feel free to forward this information to other 9-12th graders who may be interested.


Mrs. Nelda Ackerman and Mrs. Liz Stogran

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